Recent Essays, Interviews, and Lectures

Essay for Little Romances, monograph by Jordanna Kalman, published by Daylight Books
Interview with Dodho Magazine
Interviews with Jinhyun Cha and Jordanna Kalman for Aint-Bad Magazine Issue No. 13
Interview with Lucas M. Shaffer for photo eye

Recent/Upcoming Portfolio Review Events

Fall Critique Group, Filter Photo, Chicago
October 2019 - January 2020

The International Meeting Place, Houston
FotoFest portfolio reviews
March 18 - 21, 2020

Recent Curatorial Projects


Furtive, work by Daniel Hojnacki, Karolis Usonis, and Krista Wortendyke
Curated by Jennifer Murray for Filter Photo
Chicago Cultural Center, 78 W. Washington, Chicago, IL
February 2 - April 7, 2019

Furtive is a photography-based exhibition that explores the complexity of memory,
both personal and collective. Through an examination of place, archive, and the intersection
of perception and knowing, three artists ask us to reconsider what we think we know
based on our past experiences, communal knowledge and memories.

Image © Krista Wortendyke








Jackson Patterson, Recollected Memories
Gallery 19, Chicago
July 6 - August 4, 2018


Jackson Patterson’s montages address the annihilation of space and
time through the advent of photography in the mid-nineteenth century, and
how it transformed American life. His exploration of the westward migration
is focused on images he has taken of timeless landscapes merged with old family photos,
and the personal history that lies within.






Mysterious Possessionswork by Patricia Hernes
Ralph Arnold Gallery, Loyola University Chicago
August 27 - September 26, 2015


Catalog pdf, with an essay by Frank Vodvarka

This exhibition of new work by Chicago artist Patricia Hernes explores wonder
as part of artistic discourse.  Her drawings are an invitation to consider the
intellectual dialog that exists between objects; both real and imagined. By
juxtaposing disparate forms to create artificial curiosities, both naturalia and
artificialia, which defy taxonomies, typologies and classification, new mysterious
artifacts exist side by side as objects of amazement. Because they do not fit into
existing categories, these wonders are perfect objects for making us rethink our world







Formal | Loose | Painting
Samantha Bittman, Michelle Bolinger, and Anna Kunz
Ralph Arnold Gallery, Loyola University Chicago
February 19 – April 11, 2015

Catalog pdf, with an essay by Amanda Roscoe Mayo
Reviewed in Newcity Chicago, 3/8/2015

This painting exhibition focuses on contemporary practices in abstraction: explorations in form, material, and color, and the construction/deconstruction of space through visual language.  Participating Chicago artists include Samantha Bittman, Michelle Bolinger, and Anna Kunz. 

Image © Anna Kunz




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