HOME is an investigation of the trace evidence and imperfections of personal spaces. The locations I photograph include my home and other places I have spent time.  The preparations and adornments we go through to make our homes suitable for guests, ready for company, begin to wear down and the cracks begin to show as people spend more time in our homes.  It is the details of that prep work, the vacuum lines in the carpet, but also the failings to mask the imperfections that interest me – the traces we leave behind.  These domestic spaces are filled with cherished objects, collected ephemera that define a person or family, but just as often these spaces echo an emptiness that no objects can fill and evoke the tedium of domestic life. 

I am interested in telling stories, loose narratives that allow the viewer to bring their own histories and ideologies of home to the work. Home is about vignettes and narratives that speak to the monotony of daily life, private space, and the meaning we place on arbitrary things.

- Jennifer Murray - White Plaines, NY, 2012
White Plaines, NY, 2012
- Jennifer Murray - Limerence, 2014

Limerence, 2014

- Jennifer Murray - The Morning After, 2012
The Morning After, 2012
- Jennifer Murray - The (My) Better Half, 2011
The (My) Better Half, 2011
- Jennifer Murray - Empire, 2010
Empire, 2010
- Jennifer Murray - This isnt working, 2011
This isn't working, 2011
- Jennifer Murray - His figurative work, 2014

His figurative work, 2014

- Jennifer Murray - Blood scratched in, 2013
Blood scratched in, 2013
- Jennifer Murray - Culver City, 2011
Culver City, 2011
- Jennifer Murray - Formica, 2011
Formica, 2011
- Jennifer Murray - Scotchgard, 2013
Scotchgard, 2013
- Jennifer Murray - The seals are broken, 2010
The seals are broken, 2010
- Jennifer Murray - Scratcher, 2010
Scratcher, 2010
- Jennifer Murray - The Gifts, 2014

The Gifts, 2014

- Jennifer Murray - In the woods, 2009

In the woods, 2009

- Jennifer Murray - They say he was a Senator, 2014

They say he was a Senator, 2014

- Jennifer Murray - Harbor Country, 2011

Harbor Country, 2011

- Jennifer Murray - Wish, 2013
Wish, 2013
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